Monday, February 11, 2008

Why I love marketing

Who would have guessed that in the year 2008 some clever marketer would come up with a new way to sell snake oil to uneducated rubes? I heard a commercial on 700 WLW for a product called Evercleanse. It promises weight loss and even healthier skin and hair by clearing out the 6-40 pounds of "build-up" in your colon.

Don't worry. It doesn't cause you to drop a 40 lb. duece. But that would be pretty cool. Their web site assures it is gradual. Also that they "employ the highest degree of science. Mass Spectrometry and absorption analysis." In addition to the disturbing image above, there are plenty of reassuring pictures of people who look like doctors doing very sciency doctor-like things. So it must be safe!

I love this sales pitch because it is the same old snake oil promises of health and vigor but with an effective and contemporary weight-loss twist. Brilliant! You don't need to eat less and exercise more. Just drop that 40# loaf and hit the beach in that sexy two-piece!

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