Thursday, February 7, 2008

February 7th 2008 - Today's Columns:

Thomas Sowell : Economics, Anyone? - Sowell uses this article to promote his new book "Economic Facts and Fallacies" which I'll be ordering shortly. In case you've never read any of Sowell's books, they are very easy to read books on economics. It is a far superior economics education than what I got in college and a lot cheaper.

George Will : The Earmark Culture Thrives in Washington - Wow. I knew politics was dirty business but this is filthy.

George Will : Super Tuesday Primaries and a Presumptive Nominee - Will makes the point that McCain is now the Republican presumptive nominee and if the Democrats are smart they will nominate Obama, who is the only one of the two who can beat him.

Victor Davis Hanson : Weird Times, Weirder Election - Weird article. Not really about anything.

Cliff May : Conservatives on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown - May gives a spirited and persuasive argument for supporting the Republican candidate in the general election. To me though it will continue to come down to whether or not he can win. I am not going to throw away my reasoned convictions in a lesser of two evils contest when it won't matter anyway. And I still contend that come November, it won't even be close in the polls. McCain has spit in too many eyes.

Michelle Malkin : Quo vadis, conservatives? - Where are you going conservatives? Michelle offers inspirational advice to dispirited conservatives. Get fired up and go out and support the next generation of true conservatives so that next time we have real candidates to vote for. Amen.

Ann Coulter: From Goldwater Girl to Hillary Girl - Another recitation of McCain's apostasies. I'm not convinced that either Obama or Hillary would act differently on the war than Bush or McCain. Once they have the information in front of them, and blame for defeat on their shoulders, I don't think they'll betray America to curry favor with That said, I agree that either of them would be out of office in four years and the conservative movement would be reinvigorated.

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