Friday, February 1, 2008

February 1st 2008 - Today's Columns:

Dick Morris: HILLARY CRASHING IN CALIFORNIA - Morris thinks trend lines are for Obama, which I still think is bad for what is left of the Republican Party.

John Hawkins: Why You're Going To Vote For John McCain In November And Like It! - My father sent this article to me. Perhaps he's still upset about that time I ran his car into a corn field. For Christ's sake it was 18 years ago! That said, Hawkins does make a good point about why it would be in the best interests of conservatives to pinch their nostrils and vote for McCain. I still maintain however that if McCain gets the nomination it won't even be close in the general. He'll be trailing in the polls by double digits going into the final days. This certain knowledge that he will lose will free me, my dad, and right-minded conservatives from Honolulu to Bangor to sit it out. As a result, you'll see stunned pundits on November 5th wondering how the polls could have been so wrong. The polls will show McCain's loss by only half the spread of the actual vote.

The only way I see me supporting McCain is if:

A) the polls are razor thin and I think swallowing my distaste might serve a higher purpose

B) he takes Fred Thompson as his running mate and develops terminal cancer
Thomas Sowell : McCain's Straight Lies -
The fact that McCain makes short, blunt statements does not make him a straight-talker.

There are short, blunt lies (ouch!)

Let's talk sense. Benedict Arnold was a war hero but that did not exempt him from condemnation for his later betrayal. (double ouch!)
David Limbaugh : McCain, the Anti-Conservative - More beating up on the "Maverick", and deservedly so.

Charles Krauthammer : A Legacy of Desperation and Narcissism - This is why I love Charles Krauthammer: "Clinton was a historical parenthesis". He can sum up so much in only 5 words.

Jonah Goldberg : The Myth of Camelot - JFK was killed almost exactly 10 years before I was born. So I have no personal recollection of him, only what I've read and video I've seen since. He gave some wonderful speeches, had small children in the White House (who wouldn't find that adorable?), and looked like he belonged on a wooden motor yacht. But from what I've read and heard of his policies he would blow every Republican out of Boston Harbor today. I'd vote for him in a heartbeat and Hillary and Obama would denounce him as a hate-mongering reactionary. It's amazing how much our politics has changed over the years.

Mona Charen : Sore Winner - If I'm not mistaken, and I never am, Charen is pointing out the good Senator's tiny, shriveled, genitalia to us all:

They say that McCain harbors a particular dislike for Romney. And why would that be? Well, Romney is pretty much the only candidate in the race who has had the temerity (aka cash) to run ads criticizing McCain. The senator from Arizona has some fine qualities, but no one has ever suggested that enduring criticism manfully is one of them. He tried his best to make such effrontery illegal with the McCain/Feingold campaign finance law. Romney found a loophole and McCain is irritated.

Hugh Hewitt: Rally to Romney - Hugh recites some of McCain's apostasies and reminds readers that this is now a two-man race; a vote for Huckabee or Paul is a vote for McCain.

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