Sunday, February 3, 2008

February 3rd 2008 - Today's Columns:

George Will: The Hidden Costs of Recession - Will discusses sovereign wealth funds and their relatively minor impact on the economy as a whole. He also points out that from November 1982 through 2007 the economy was in recession only 4.6% of the time whereas from 1945 to 1982 it was in recession 22.4% of the time.

Karl Rove, Newsweek Republican Crackup? Not So Fast - Rove correctly points out that the Democratic Party is in shambles too. Some comfort. The comments after the article from those in the open-minded and tolerant party are far more entertaining though:

You, Karl Rove, are a has-been. You are a sociopathic, treasonous, criminal. We hate you. Don't forget that ... you'll be behind all the racist or sexist smears that your party will lob ... for every glob of *** you sling, this time you'll receive an avalanche of response and you'll be smothered in your own vile pile of BS you've been spewing all your life.

He and his ilk, fascists clad in christian rhetoric, have had their say. Shut them up. Hang them from the highest post

The only news that would make me happier than hearing Cheney died of a massive coronary would be to hear Carl Rove has kicked the bucket. These two men have done more harm to the US and the world than Hitler did to all of Europe.

THIS DEMON NEEDS TO BE IN JAIL FOR THRE REST OF HIS LIFE. i will not read this story abut his opinion.he is the architech of evil.

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