Monday, February 4, 2008

February 4th 2008 - Today's Columns:

Rich Galen : Super Week - Sometimes Rich Galen has some interesting insights. Not today.

Robert D. Novak : Democratic Stalemate - Novak predicts that nothing will be settled on the Democrat side after Super Tuesday tomorrow. He further predicts it will not be settled after March 4 when we in Ohio and those in Texas vote. Perhaps the Dems need some help from the squishy conservative commentators in writing their "just shut up and swallow Hillary" columns like they write about McCain.

Douglas MacKinnon : Don't Let Huckabee and the Media Silence the Conservative Voice - Flirting with crazy, MacKinnon makes an impassioned plea to Huckabee voters to give up their quixotic quest which can only result in a McCain nomination.

Donald Lambro : GOP May Regret Raising McCain - Another excellent recitation of the reasons not to vote for McCain.

Bob Myer: Dissecting the 'Change' Mantra - Myer assesses what the word "change" means. He offers his own wish list:

public school reform and decentralization, stopping and reversing illegal immigration, Social Security privatization, ending legislative earmarks, tort reform, and re-embracing the Constitution

Good luck with that.

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