Saturday, February 2, 2008

February 2nd 2008 - Today's Columns:

Robert D. Novak : Bush Against Romney -

  • Bush doesn't like Romney because of immigration
  • Kennedy doesn't like (Bill) Clinton because of race-baiting
  • Hoffa likes Obama and Hillary but won't back either of them until after the nomination. A true leader among men.
  • Senate finance committee rejected pork proposal by Thune (R-SD) and Wyden (D-OR)
  • Charlie Crist irked Florida Republicans with his endorsement of McCain after urging neutrality

Michael Barone : The Parties Change Places - A month ago it seemed the Republicans would fight it out and no clear winner could be predicted while the Democrats had a clear path to victory. Now the Dems are duking it out and the Republicans have sewn up their nominee (I hope not).
[Hillary] faced a choice between losing clean and winning ugly. What is amusing is that so many liberal commentators were surprised when the Clinton apparat, with the unhesitation of a shark, chose the latter option.
John Andrews : George Soros, Meet John Jay - I'm not too sure what the point of this article is other than conservatives-good, liberals-bad.

Mark Steyn: Where's "None-of-the-Above"? - Steyn takes apart poor Rudy in an analysis he should have performed months ago. He quotes Henry Kissinger on the Iran/Iraq war with regard to the upcoming McCain/Hillary election - it's a shame they can't both lose.

Rich Lowry: Fortunate Frontrunner - The stars aligned to give McCain the nomination. Lowry points out the improbability of winning the Republican nomination without winning any actual Republican votes. Isn't this evidence that we need to overhaul our nominating process?

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