Friday, February 8, 2008

February 8th 2008 - Today's Columns:

John Hawkins : There's Nothing Conservative Or Principled About Helping A Democrat Beat John McCain In November - The problem with this argument and so many like it we've all been reading lately is that it attempts to make the choice the lesser of two evils. There is a chance to win in a race between to evils by having the lesser of them. However, the other side doesn't think their candidate is evil. Therefore they have all the energy and enthusiasm. Now I know that a non-enthusiastic vote counts just as much as an enthusiastic one. But does anyone truly believe that a Presidential candidate can win without enthusiastic support from his base? My point with regard to McCain is that with him as the nominee, we've already forfeited. So there is no point to me compromising my principles to vote for him. It wouldn't make a difference. And I certainly won't feel better about myself on November 5th when I read that McCain lost by an historic landslide minus 1.

Charles Krauthammer : The Sheriff Comes to Town - According to Krauthammer "Bush begat McCain." And far be it from me to contradict Charles Krauthammer.

David Limbaugh : Critics of McCain's Critics Should Chill - Who on earth pays attention to critics of McCain's critics anyway?

Rich Lowry : Re-Liberators - The surge has liberated Iraq for the second time and the population is awakening. Lowry writes of generals handing out seed money for Iraqi businesses and security forces. This is effective by building trust and jump-starting the economy.

John McCain : John McCain Addresses CPAC -

Hugh Hewitt : Reports of Our Death Are Greatly Exaggerated - Hewitt explains that talk radio is the primary source for center-right people to find news and information of interest to them. Since the Mainstream Media will be even more biased during an Obama or Hillary campaign, the right will stream to talk radio all the more.

Rich Galen : Rush, Sean, and Laura -

Oliver North : Women and Children First -

Linda Chavez : Time to Unite -

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