Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Palestinians blow up something new

Why is it that oppressed people always need TVs?

From the NY Times:

Thousands of Palestinians streamed from the Gaza Strip into Egypt on Wednesday after a fence at the Rafah border crossing was toppled, going on a buying spree of fuel, medicine, soap, cigarettes and many other supplies that have been cut off during days of blockade by Israel.
(emphasis added)

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot! The Palestinians spend months using oxy-acetylene torches to strategically cut holes in a steel wall that separates the Gaza strip from Egypt, then place explosives in the holes (no word yet on whether or not those explosives were strapped to women and children), blow up the wall and stream into Egypt by the hundreds of thousands. And who does the New York Times blame? Why Israel of course! You see, Israel doesn't allow the Palestinians to trade with or enter into Israel because, well, do I need to say why?

Did it occur to anyone at the Times that Egypt is also keeping those terrorist crackpots out?

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