Thursday, January 31, 2008

January 31st 2008 - Today's Columns:

Emmett Tyrrell : Bill's Red Neck - Turns out the Clintons are worse than Tyrrell thought after their race-baiting in South Carolina.

Victor Davis Hanson : Democrats Want to Lose... But Republicans Don't Want To Win - VDH discusses which party most wants to lose.

Dick Morris and Eileen McGann : Out Of Florida: The Front-Runner - Morris offers more advice to his political enemies. Caveat emptor.

Steve Chapman : Bush's Catalogue of Failure - A one-sided hit piece on Bush. Not helpful.

Ann Coulter: GOP to Edwards: How Much For That Concession Speech? - Beating up on McCain some more.
"One of the reasons why I won in New Hampshire is because I went there and
told them the truth." That and the fact that Democrats were allowed to vote in
the Republican primary.

Mark Levin: Rally for Romney - Levin makes a good point in noting that Romney's ethics prohibit him from personally attacking McCain, something Hillary will have no compunction about. There has been an interesting conversation about whether or not this is a good thing over at Power Line and Steyn Online. The gist of it is that Romney is an amateur at the knee-to-the-groin style of big-league politics.

Brett Winterble: Who Hijacked the Primaries? - I can feel Brett's spittle hitting me in the face as I read this. And it scares me because I agree with him wholeheartedly.

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