Saturday, January 26, 2008

Burns Night 2008

I’ve come to dread this time of year
For surely Burns night will be near
I try hard to write
A verse for the night
But rhyming verse is just so queer

But I plod on with spirit of fighters
The burden to write getting no lighter
The deadline grows near
I’m consumed by fear
‘tis so much simpler for pillow-biters

I’ve tried so long my hairs’ grown shaggy
Starved to the point my pants are baggy
I stumble for prose
I just can’t compose
Why must I do something so faggy?

I can no longer stand to suffer
The pressure is making this tougher
I’ll just write something down
And recite with a frown
If only I were a dude-stuffer

I’ve tried to craft a verse for today
Found it hard as I’ve nothing to say
After much sweat and much toil
My attempt has been foiled
For I’ve found that poetry’s just gay

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