Friday, March 28, 2008

March 29th 2008 - Today's Columns:

It's been a busy week and I'm just now getting a chance to do a bit of reading/blogging. My sincere and humble apologies for my lack of content this week.

John Hawkins : 10 More of the Greatest Pieces of Conservative Wisdom -

Robert D. Novak : Portman for VP -

Oliver North : 'Duh!' -

David Limbaugh : The 2008 Campaign Mess -

Charles Krauthammer : McCain's "Hundred Year War"? -

Linda Chavez : A Government Engineered Food Crisis -

Michael Barone : Missing a Generation -

Rich Lowry : Hillary Clinton's Strange Affiliation -

Dick Morris and Eileen McGann : Hillary's List of Lies -

George Will : Conservatives Really Are More Compassionate -

Hugh Hewitt : PBIP: The Approach and Outbreak of Polar Bear-Induced Paralysis -

Robert D. Novak : McCain's Payroll Prize -

Emmett Tyrrell : Hillary's Latest Whoppers -

Ann Coulter : Hillary: Swiftboated! -

Rich Galen : Hillary Mis-Remembers -

John Stossel : Law Can't Prevent Underage Sex -

Walter E. Williams : Is Obama Ready For America? -

Thomas Sowell : The Audacity of Rhetoric -

Jonah Goldberg : A Race Conversation? What Are You Talking About? -

Thomas Sowell : Bipartisan Primary Blues -

Rich Lowry : Return of Inflation? -

Robert D. Novak : Deepening Democratic Dilemma - According to Novak Democratic Superdelegates are raising their moistened fingers to the political winds to decide whom to anoint as the Presidential nominee. This tendency to follow rather than lead bodes well for those of us disinclined toward Democrats. If only we had a leader...

Rich Galen : When Campaigns Go Bad - Galen marks the turning point in the Obama campaign when it heads irretrievably south. It began with Obama's advisor telling the Canadians that his anti-NAFTA rhetoric was just that but fully turned the corner with the Rev. Wright.

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