Tuesday, March 18, 2008

March 18th 2008 - Today's Columns:

Rich Lowry : The Dishonesty of Hope - "The Rev. Wright drives a wedge into the central contradiction of Obama's campaign -- an orthodox liberal politician who rose to prominence in a left-wing milieu in Chicago and has never broken with his party on anything of consequence is campaigning on unifying the country. There is nothing particularly unifying about Obama's past and his voting record." True dat.

Thomas Sowell : Race and Politics - It is remarkable that Sowell wrote this piece before Obama gave his race speech today. But he is absolutely correct in calling Obama onto the carpet in exactly the same way any white person should be for being a demagogue exposed as a phony.

Robert D. Novak : Democratic Racial Divide - The storm is gathering for the Democratic Party breakup over race. Will Obama's speech today help to squelch the fall he's been in since the media started examining his pastor? Is the bloom sufficiently off the Obama rose for the media to now look critically at him in earnest? Will it discover even more to make him less palatable to the Superdelegates?

Dick Morris and Eileen McGann : Hillary Sends Ferraro After the Race Card - Morris paints Ferraro's remarks about Obama as overly simplistic with reasoning that is itself overly simplistic. He says "Hillary is trying, through her surrogate Ferraro, to make it appear that all Obama had to do was show up, show some skin and win." But that isn't at all what Ferraro said. Obviously Obama is a gifted politician who has connected with a very large number of people. He clearly wouldn't be where he is without his charisma, organization, intelligence, and political positioning. But to claim that his skin color is not a factor would be wrong as well. She didn't claim that it was only his skin color that got him where he is. But he wouldn't be here without it. Many in this country, myself included, are eager to elect a black President. While I don't want it to be Obama (Condi please) I do think it would go a long way toward healing deep racial divides.

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