Friday, March 14, 2008

March 14th 2008 - Today's Columns:

Charles Krauthammer : An Election About Identity, Not Policy - "The optimist will say that when this is over, we will look back on the Clinton-Obama contest, and its looming ugly endgame, as the low point of identity politics, and the beginning of a turning away. The pessimist will just vote Republican."

Jonah Goldberg : A Road Map to Democratic Disaster - Goldberg delights in the oncoming train wreck that is the Democratic nominating process. While I share his glee, counting on the other side to lose is not the same as winning. McCain is still a bag of douche.

Linda Chavez : Iraq War Could Help GOP Win in November - Chavez examines some poll numbers which point to the war in Iraq being less significant in the election than previously thought.

Rich Lowry : Bonfire of the Democrats - Lowry analyses the petard-hoisters on the left. "Even as victims, women are second-class citizens." Live by identity politics, die by identity politics.

George Will : A "Magnificent Catastrophe" - Evidently Will believes I will vote for Obama or Hillary if only he or she chooses our Governor Ted Strickland as running mate. While that seems silly, I would almost certainly vote for McCain if he chose Ken Blackwell as his running mate.

John Stossel : Beware Candidates' Promises - Stossel takes up the unpopular cause of men convicted of trivial sex offenses. In this piece he details the story of a high school senior who has consensual sex with his 15-year old freshman girlfriend and ends up on a sex offender list for life.

Walter E. Williams : Big Corn and Ethanol Hoax - Far more scrutiny needs to be paid to the ethanol hoax and I thank Walter Williams for his contribution here. "The ethanol hoax is a good example of a problem economists refer to as narrow, well-defined benefits versus widely dispersed costs." I think that if the general public understood the scope of this scam they would be picking up their pitchforks and torches.

Thomas Sowell : "Non-Judgmental" Nonsense - Sowell criticizes Spitzer for his moral failings and hubris which began well before his dalliances with prostitutes. He also criticizes those who would forgive moral failings as "personal" and not related to public life.

Jonah Goldberg : The Left's Patriotism Gap - Goldberg takes a critical look at "unity" vs. patriotism.
Better that our politics be an argument about why and how we should love our country, not about whether some do and some don't.
Thomas Sowell : The Costs of Crime - So much of the world makes sense when seen through the eyes of economics. Sowell is a master of it. Here he examines the fallacy of those who lament that "Crime Keeps on Falling, But Prisons Keep on Filling."

Rich Lowry : She Won't Stop - Finally, a pundit who gets it. So many have been saying that Hillary cannot win the nomination at this point. They base that analysis on math, rules, customs, and mores. This is Hillary Clinton for Chrissake! She will not stop, as Lowry points out. She will fight dirty and relentlessly. The only way the Democratic nomination does not end in disaster for the Democrats is if Obama joins Hillary on the ticket as the number 2. Hillary could, at this point, unify her party by bowing out of the race and throwing her support behind Obama. Assuming Saddam Hussein will be lacing up his figure skates in Hades before that happens, here are the other possibilities:

Hillary and Obama continue to slug it out in Pennsylvania and the remaining states and go into the convention in essentially the same tie they are in now. At this point the Superdelegates will decide it. Either way the Dems lose. If they decide in favor of Obama Hillary will contest the vote and insist on seating the delegates from Michigan and Florida. Even if MI and FL figure out a way to revote and send delegates to the convention, there is ample fodder for lawsuits. All this fighting will put all the dirt out on display making it easier for McCain to defeat Obama in November.

Or, the Superdelegates may decide for Hillary because either they think she'd be a better match-up against McCain or because they think this will avoid an ugly fight. Obama, who still has a future in Democratic politics, will likely let his surrogates do the fighting while he takes the high road. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson will "holla" like they've never "holla'd" before. The black vote will split in the general and Hillary will lose in the biggest landslide since Mondale.

Ann Coulter : Whoreable Behavior - Coulter exhibits a bit of Schadenfreude at the fall of Spitzer. Were I the headline writer it would be "Prick gets Pricked by Prick".

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