Wednesday, July 23, 2008

July 23rd, 2008 - Today's Columns:

Michelle Malkin : The Man Who Could Topple Jack Murtha - Malkin tells the story of William Russell who is running against Jack Murtha in PA. Definitely worth a read.

"I am a Conservative," he says in his defining campaign statement. "I believe in the sovereignty and security of this one nation, under God. I believe the primary role of government is to provide for the common defense and a legal framework to protect families and individual liberty. … I believe that no one owes me anything just because I live and breathe."

Thomas Sowell : Bankrupt "Exploiters": Part II - Sowell examines the current housing and financial mess with a look back at the history of government intervention at all levels. And now we turn to the very government that created this debacle to solve it.

Walter E. Williams : Black Education - A disturbing look inside Frederick Douglass High School in Baltimore.

"the welfare state has done what Jim Crow, gross discrimination and poverty could
not have done. It has contributed to the breakdown of the black family structure
and has helped establish a set of values alien to traditional values of high
moral standards, hard work and achievement."

Jonah Goldberg : For McCain, Surge is a Losing Strategy - Jonah explains that the war in Iraq and the surge are in the past due to its success. As a result, voters will feel less risk in electing the weaker candidate on national security (that would be Obama for those who don't pay close attention).

Dick Morris and Eileen McGann : Illegal Rx? Barack Objects and Dick Answers - Morris attempts to pick apart whether or not Obama's plan to provide health insurance to the unwashed masses will include illegal aliens. Does it matter?

John Stossel : Sex Police - Stossel courageously stands up for public fornicators and masturbators. There aren't many people who would write such a column.

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